Patient And Familys’ Right And Responsibilities

UKMSC welcomes you and your family to our hospital. As a patient in UKMSC you have the right to:

  • To provide information:
    • You are expected to fully and truthfully provide details of your medical, medication and treatment history.
    • You are expected to fully and truthfully provide your personal details including insurance and financial information.
  • To follow the treatment plans:
    • You shall adhere to medical advice and instructions should you choose to accept them.
    • You shall attend all appointments punctually and notify UKMSC if you are unable to keep the appointment.
  • To abide by hospital’s rules and regulations whenever required.
  • To show respect and consideration of others receiving or providing care
  • To pay your hospital bills within the stipulated time frame.
1. Medical Treatment
  • You shall be given medical treatment in accordance with currently accepted standards of hospital care in Malaysia
  • You shall be given immediate care in case of emergency
2. Timely & Adequate Information
  • You shall be given information on services and facilities.
  • You shall be informed about your condition from your physician, including;
    • Procedure and treatment to be done
    • Risks and benefits of treatment
    • Other treatment options available
    • Cost of care and treatment
  • You shall be entitled to a Medical Report, upon request and payment of a reasonable fee.
  • You shall be entitled to an itemised bill and explanation of hospital charges upon request.
  • You shall, upon request, be given advice on preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspect of care to maintain good health and healthy lifestyle.
3. Choice Of Care
  • You are entitled to choose whether to accept or refuse a recommended treatment and be discharged at your own risk.
  • You are entitled to request for a second opinion at any time.
  • You are entitled to decline participation in medical research programmes.
4. Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Your personal and medical information shall be confidential.
  • Your privacy and dignity shall be respected
5. Health & Safe Environment
You shall be treated in a conducive and safe environment.
6. Facility For Raising Concerns
  • You are entitled to raise any concern and to request for assistance from the hospital staff.
  • You are entitled to have access to an appropriate grievance mechanism.

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