Pharmacy UKM Specialist Centre consist of 1 Pharmacist and 8 Pharmacy Assistants who always bring the best services following the policies and customer satisfaction. Pharmacist mainly deals externally with several known stakeholders from HCTM Pharmacy Departments, Drug Suppliers, and other Health Institutions to carry out better service in UKMSC.

Pharmacist also maintains the good culture of handling queries internally between Specialist, Clinical team and Business Office teams. As clinical support team, our Pharmacy Assistants consist of 1 Executive Pharmacy and 1 Supervisor Pharmacy mainly assist pharmacist to manage our excellent contribution towards UKMSC business operation.

Also, our backbone and frontliner consist of other 6 Pharmacy Assistants those engage professionally with our beloved customers and patient as well as to ensure our business operation being practiced within its own special and flexible workflows.

Business Operation

Weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 8.00AM to 9.00PM
Weekend (Saturday and Sunday), Public Holiday from 9.00AM to 5.00PM

Please do not hesitate to contact us on:
Direct line – 03-9145 7751
Whatsapps – 012-983 5616
Email –

Main Services

Hospital Pharmacy Service consist of Outpatient Pharmacy, Inpatient Pharmacy and Inventory Pharmacy

Out-Patient Pharmacy

We mainly dispense medications to both our appointment patients and walk-in patients those come and see our professional specialist. Strategically we maintain our best waiting time to ensure patient will get their medications in 3 manners which are safety, quality and efficacy with practicing 5R (right patient, right medicines, right dose, right route of administration and right administration).

In-Patient Pharmacy

We continuously supply 5R to our in-patient medication to make sure their treatment in our facilities going well. We also provide ward supply medication with as per their request to facilitate clinical team managing their medication to our warded and daycare patient. In-patient pharmacy also provides discharge services either bedside dispensing or counter dispensing at patient convenient.

Inventory Pharmacy

Our inventory team will always look out for optimizing quantity of stock holding as well as the inventories towards internally or externally requests. Our suppliers and distributors mostly from direct distributor companies and a few wholesalers.

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Operation Hours

Monday – Friday:
8.30am – 5.00pm

Weekend & Public Holiday: Closed

Contact Details

7th Floor, Clinical Block, UKM Medical Centre, Jalan Yaacob Latif, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

General Line : +603-9174 9222
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